We Care As Much As You Do

Healthy Paws offers top-quality
raw pet food that is
hormone and antibiotic-free.

Like you, we believe pets deserve the best-quality food the market offers has to offer. Healthy Paws is committed to manufacturing nutrient-packed raw pet food without compromising taste and texture. 

We serve wholesome diets in every bowl with our uniquely formulated meals that feature our proprietary species-specific probiotic blend; pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower, apples, a fibre-rich green blend, and added omega-3 oil (herring and sardines).

Dedicated To Your Beloved Pets

Our Philosophy

“Wellness Through Nutrition.”

Our passion is helping animals thrive. All of our raw dog food and raw cat food products are created through collaboration with pet patents, retailers and trained pet nutritionists to provide the best diet for our beloved furry companions.

Wholesome ingredients. Ethically sourced. Proudly Canadian. 

A Proprietary Blend

Our raw pet food contains proprietary and patented species-specific probiotic strains, curated from healthy domestic dogs and free-ranging wolves, along with prebiotics that fuel the multiplication and growth of the probiotic organisms.

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