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Most frequent questions and answers

We understand that there are many more variety options in our Canine Complete line-up, usually leaving Pet Parents of a cat wondering if they can feed their cats a novelty protein from the Canine Complete line.

The answer is yes. Pet Parents can feel confident when feeding their cats a Canine Complete formula as the K-9-specific probiotic blend will not harm the cat. All Complete (Canine and Feline) formulas from Healthy Paws contain 70% lean muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% organ and 10% fruit, vegetable and supplement.

All ingredients used to create our diets will come from Canadian government-inspected facilities that pass strict safety inspections. Most of our meats, fruits, and vegetables will come from local Canadian farms; the only exception is our lamb, which comes from Australia.

Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to pet parents.
If your retailer does not carry Healthy Paws, please send us an email with the name of your retailer, and we can reach out to them. Most retailers will order a product if a customer asks for it.

We have made it easy for Pet Parents to feed their four-legged best friends. Simply use our Feeding Calculator to find your pets correct feeding recommendations.

At Healthy Paws, we believe feeding a raw diet is best for your four-legged best friend. However, we understand that only feeding raw might not always be the most convenient or affordable option.

Pet parents who choose to feed raw and kibble must remember never to mix the two and to feed the kibble and raw meals separately as they are digested differently by both cats and dogs.

Remember, feeding some raw is better than no raw!

Unfortunately, we do not recommend that our customers cook or heat up our raw pet food formulas. Cooking raw pet food will alter its nutritional makeup, resulting in the loss of valuable nutrients that your dogs or cats need to thrive.

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