Venison – Feline Complete

All Feline Complete recipes are balanced to¬†70% meat, 10% bone*, 10% organ, and 10% vegetables, fruits, and supplements, including proprietary F9-3 species-specific probiotics to support gut health and proper urinary function. All Feline Complete recipes will contain double ground bone. In non-avian formulas, we have added bone powder to provide the correct levels and ratios […]

Salmon – Feline Complete

The salmon used in our formulas is non-farmed, wild-caught Sockeye from the Pacific Northwest. Salmon is low in saturated fat, a source of high-quality protein, and contains other essential nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, and selenium. The Omega 3 fats found in salmon have contributed to a healthier immune system and reduced the risk […]

Turkey – Feline Complete

Our turkey is sourced from local Ontario farms that are free-range hormone and antibiotic-free. Turkey is low-fat meat and a source of zinc which is essential for a healthy immune system and needed to metabolize fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Turkey is an excellent source of trace mineral selenium and a good source of niacin and […]

Chicken – Feline Complete

The chicken used in our recipes is hormone & antibiotic-free that is sourced from local Ontario farms. Chicken is beneficial in maintaining both day-to-day and long-term health. Chicken is an excellent source of tryptophan and an excellent source of Niacin (B3), and protein. Chicken is also considered a good source of vitamin B6 and phosphorus. […]

Beef – Feline Complete

A combination of extra lean cuts of beef trim, hearts, liver, and kidney sourced from local Canadian farms. The cattle used in our recipes our pastured-raised and hormone & antibiotic-free. Beef is beneficial in maintaining both day-to-day and long-term health. Beef is an excellent source of protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium and phosphorus and is […]