Hot Spot Soother – 60 ml

Enriched with witch hazel, Vitamin E, calendula oil and oil of lavender, Healthy Paws Hot Spot Soother is an organic aloe vera gel base that effectively treats hot spots on your pet such as insect bites, hot spots, inflammation & irritation.

Herbal Ear Rescue with Hemp – 30ml

Healthy Paws Herbal Ear Rescue with Hemp is a hemp oil infusion of mullein flower, white oak bark, Oregon grape root, marshmallow root, garlic oil, black seed oil, vitamin E, rosemary oil in a sesame oil base. Removing hardened wax and dirt clogging the ear, it disinfects and dries out the ear to promote healing. […]

Herbal Ear Cleaner – 250ml

Healthy Paws Herbal Ear Cleaner is an excellent, natural-based product to maintain ear cleanliness in your pet. It contains Distilled water, witch hazel, rosemary extracts, garden thyme, cypress lavender, oil infusion of mullein, white oak bark, marshmallow and garlic.

Cold Water Fish Oil – 250ml

Healthy Paws Cold Water Fish Oil is derived from North Atlantic waters and is a combination of herring and sardines, both an excellent source of Omega 3 oil, which helps prevent many problems involving histamines, prostaglandins and inflammation.

Organic Atlantic Sea Kelp – 750 g

Healthy Paws Atlantic Sea Kelp contains vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C and E, plus zinc, biotin, bromine, calcium, choline, copper, inositol, iodine, PABA, potassium, selenium, sodium and sulphur. The iodine content found in our Atlantic Sea Kelp is highly beneficial for your pet’s glands and organs, especially the thyroid and liver. […]

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